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Carrot Farm Pet Plushie

Carrot Farm Pet Plushie

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Hide Treats In The "Soil" & Get Your Dog's Energy Out In 15 Minutes

🧼 The soil part is removable and machine washable

✔️ Tire out high energy dogs indoor

✔️ Easy way to keep dogs mentally stimulated

✔️ For small & big dogs (from a Yorkie to a Labrador to a Great Dane)

✔️ Hours & hours of fun

Carrot Field Pet Plushie  is the perfect gift for your paw pal. For dogs and cats of all sizes, tune in to their curious side by letting them pull and harvest cute carrots from the field. 

The Key To Your Dog's Happiness

Studies showed that less playtime leads to behavior problems like anxiety and aggression, and that dogs don't come when called. 

No more behavior problems with our Carrot Farm. It's designed to keep dogs' noses and brains busy. Hours of fun for your four-legged friend!

Tire Quickly Your Energetic Four-Legged Friend

Having trouble controlling your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively drain energetic dogs.

Simply hide treats in the "soil" and watch him sniff and harvest the carrots. This encourages and engages your dog through all of his senses.

Q & A

1: Is my dog going to play with this once and then forget about it like he does with the other toys?
Dogs absolutely love treats, right? And they also love digging and sniffing for food. Well, we just combined them all and made this! So you can just hide some treats in the soil and watch them dig for their reward EVERY single time they play with it!

2: Can my extra large dog play with this?
Yes of course! It was made with all dogs in mind. You can check out our reviews and you will see dogs of all sizes enjoy playing with the Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat.

3: Is it washable or is it going to stink up my house?
It is machine washable! The soil part has a zipper at the bottom that you can just throw in the washer.



Colors: Brown, Orange and Green
Material: Non-Toxic | Cotton and Cotton PP Filling
Size: 35 x 35 cm (13.8in x 13.8in)/22 x 22 cm (8.7in x 8.7in)
Package List 1 X Pasture Plushie 4or12 X Carrot Plushies

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